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St. Joseph's Center Building Project


Over the last 5 or so years, there has been much effort put forth by parish members to develop plans and raise money to build a parish home, which Holy Cross has been without when a fire took the original building 60 years ago.


The general principles guiding the Building Committee are:

  • Fully handicap accessible
  • Sufficient size to support our current and future ministry needs.
  • Energy efficient
  • Multi-purpose
  • High quality materials for durability
  • Attractive and complementary to the design of the Holy Cross church

When considering construction, there are 3 factors that must align –

  • Size needed,
  • Quality desired,
  • Cost. 

SIZE/SPACE:  From the beginning of this endeavor, the space needs have been consistent.  The Needs Assessment revealed the need for

  • a meeting hall to seat 200-250 people for parish gatherings, dinners, receptions, funerals, Faith Formation programs, etc
  • suitable kitchen to provide dinners and support for these gatherings.
  • 6-8 multi-purpose rooms for classes, meetings, etc
  • Handicap Accessibility throughout the facility
  • Restrooms, mechanical room, workspace, storage, etc

When put into square footage, this has consistently come to around 8,000 square feet of space.

QUALITY:  The Committee has been vigilant in demanding quality.  We must build not just for today, but for many years to come.  The quality of the building and its contents must be able to endure the test of time and heavy use. 

COST:  The Committee has been most concerned to keep the costs down.  Using volunteer labor and local expertise will save much money. 

THE REALITY:  The average price of a building of 8,000 sq ft is in the range of $1,500,000.  Volunteer labor can save several hundred thousand dollars, but we can expect it to still cost over $1,200,000. 

THE PROBLEM:  The Committee was daunted by the price tag.  They pared down the size to lower the cost.  In the end, they ended up with a design that did not come close to meeting the current needs and ignored future needs.  For three years in a row, the Diocese has rejected these concepts as short sighted and insufficient. 

THE SOLUTION:  We need to recommit ourselves to this worthy endeavor.  We do need a Home for our Faith Family!  That we have survived for 60 years without it, is a testimony to the hard work and ingenuity of 3 generations.  However, the needs and future of our parish group requires a Parish Center for our Faith Family life.

God has greatly blessed our area for many years.  He has provided the resources to complete this good work.  Please pray and sacrifice for the good of many to come after us.


Prayer for a Parish Home

Good and gracious God,
we thank You for the blessings and generosity
You have bestowed on us, Your People. 
You know our need for a place to gather,
to teach Your Word,
to celebrate our joys
and share our sorrows

       -- a parish home.

We ask you to touch the hearts and minds of all
and ask for Your blessing on our work.
May all be done according to Your Holy Will.