Parish Pastoral Council



The Parish Pastoral Council is a consultative body to assist the Pastor in the discernment and development of the spiritual and temporal affairs of the parish.  They are to develop the vision, establish committees and policies for the good order of the parish, foster the ministries of the parish, assure good stewardship of human and material resources, and foster an open communication within and outside the parish.

Our Parish Pastoral Council is a joint Counil with our three churches -- Tri-Parish Pastoral Council.  There must be at least 2 members from each parish.  To become a member, a parishioner must discern God's call to leadership - an awarness of an insight and openness to God's will that will benefit the parish at this time.  There is a period of training and then the work of observing parish life and discerning the will for God for us begins in earnest.  It is a spiritual ministry of leadership.  Much prayer, learning and relfection is necessary.